Face frames and 3D accessories in Polyboard

If you’ve got a moment over the holiday period, why not check out what’s new in Polyboard. Today we’re announcing some great new features that we know a lot of you have been asking for. Looking forward to 2017, expect lots of improvements to our services and websites coming very soon. New! Polyboard 3D Accessories We are delighted to…

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Furniture designing resources and great CNC offer

We’ve got lots to tell you about this month, including our new partnership with Radecal Machines to offer you an affordable but very high quality CNC solution. Plus new discounted training services and a great case study showing you how well Polyboard, OptiNest and CNC can work for your business. Finally, more furniture designing resources…we’ll tell you how to slope the top of…

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Woodwork software, nesting and CNC integration done right

polyboard woodwork software project office fit out

We would like to introduce Dean Price from Tees Tech Joinery in the UK who earlier this year set up Polyboard and OptiNest with his company’s SCM CNC machines. Dean has outlined how his company processes the work they receive, and was also kind enough to talk about the Polyboard library set up service he…

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Polyboard 6.02f release

Polyboard version control

We are pleased to announce the latest version of PolyBoard 6.02f. This version includes the following 2 new features in relation to the Inner Tooling option in the Structures menu. The first feature requires no predefined shape, as it creates a parallel to the part shape: This parallel may also be combined with a slack:…

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Woodwork Design Software Models, Updates and Wreathed Handrail Tips

Welcome to another Wood Designer news update. The holidays are over so we’re back up to full speed. For the rest of the year, we’ll be telling you about some great new ways to design and build your furniture and stairs and massively improve your productivity. Get ready for new videos and models, new woodwork design software features, new training packs…

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