Cutting List Software

When building or manufacturing a product, there are two phases that are fundamental to the process:

  1. Design
  2. Manufacturing

A Great Opportunity to Save Time and Money

Between these two lies an often forgotten and underestimated task that is producing the cutting list for the raw materials that will go into production.

A cutting list is simply a breakdown of all the different parts that will be going into the making of your product. Although this may seem self evident, this is a crucial part of any manufacturing process, and strangely enough, often a task that is underestimated in its complexity and importance.

Cutting list software can greatly enhance global productivity, both by saving time setting up a list of parts as well as saving enormous amounts of raw materials, that in many industries is one of the major overheads.

Writing a cut list from production drawings can be a long and tedious operation. Using this cut list to actually cut the different parts out of your raw material, if done by hand, can be even longer and more error prone, wasting a lot of time and material.

cut list
Optimized cut list converted into cutting map

Cut list software can hugely facilitate this intermediary process between design and manufacturing. Input your list and with the click of a button obtain ready to use sequenced cutting plans that you can be confident will save you time and money.

And the great news is that the software is very much available and easy to integrate into almost any manufacturing process.

Want to Optimize Your Cut List Today?

The software we use and trust is called OptiCut and can make the task of writing your cutting lists easy and incredibly efficient. It’s been proven in industrial settings over the last 20 years and more and is based around an extremely powerful optimizing engine. This is highly effective out of the box, but also allows for fine control over the process.

As well as automatically optimizing the cutting of the parts from your raw materials (both panels and profiles/bars), it comes with a whole host of powerful features to get the job done better and faster including:

  • Multiple optimization modes for greater granular control
  • Stock management
  • Offcuts integration into your stock
  • Yield reports and automatic costs and estimations
  • Edging and pre cut control
  • Panel turnaround functionality
  • Grain direction support
  • Easy import and export to print or CNC

Click here to find out more about OptiCut, or download our FREE demo direct from the sidebar.

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