It’s easy to apply 2 or more fittings to one assembly detail, Polyboard just lets you add the fittings and their placement rules to a list associated with the joint.

So in fact you can add as many as you want, not just 2.

Applying cam and dowel fittings to the same joint:

You can add several fitting each with their own placement rule, to the same joint.

This allows you to use dowels or biscuits, with screws, cams or anything else.

In the video we start with a cabinet that has no assembly details. Then select the side panel, and in the Properties menu open up its link with the top.

Then click on the button with 3 dots in the Fitting link section. You can add the fitting link by hitting the green Plus button, then chose from your library of fittings, in this case first selecting a screw.

As well as the fitting you need to define the rule which tells Polyboard how and where you would like to place the fitting in question.

You can immediately view the placement of the screws in the 3D visual.

To add more Fitting links simply repeat the process, selecting Plus again and applying a second fitting (a cam in this case) and rule to go with it.

Just make sure that the placement rules don’t over lap so that you find yourself with a screw at the same place as a dowel.

In the workshop document, as well as the cutting list you have a plan of each part. This now shows the coordinates of all fittings. If you are manufacturing with a CNC, these machining details can be passed automatically to your machine.

For more information on using Polyboard, click the link below:

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We have a nice selection of videos on hardware management, including more examples like this.

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