If you need to cut material parts from bars, profiles, tubes, boards, mouldings, etc., then OptiCut’s bar cut optimizer functions can save you enormous amounts of time material.

Its cut optimizer is not limited to optimizing the cutting part onto standard lengths of material, it will also manage your materials stock and offcuts.

Bar Cut Optimizer Angle Cuts

But Opticut’s 1D cutting optimizer goes further than simply cutting to length and managing your 1D cutting. It is possible to define complex sections and angled cuts into the material. Opticut will subsequently take into account and be able to match up different angles to minimise even more the waste.

bar cutting optimization with angle cuts

Bar showing angle cuts

A good example of this would be when cutting metallic profiled material with 45° angles. In this case, each part can be flipped over so that the angled cuts will interlock and greatly minimise the length of material necessary to cut a certain number of parts.

But OptiCut can work with not only any angle cut, but also a 3D angle cut where the angle is a compound angle both on face and in this material.

If you are cutting large amounts of profiled material, the increased yield created by the implication of angles can be very significant.

bar cutting optimization software

Optimized bar cutting map

Note that OptiCut, just as with 2D cutting, will in 1D cutting produce a detailed cutting map that will make the actual bar cutting a simple, straightforward operation that takes a minimum amount of time.

Profiled material is usually considered pre-manufactured material, and is therefore very expensive, and takes a significant percentage of a projects budget. For this reason, using professional bar cutting optimization software to minimize waste will certainly pay for itself very quickly. Bear in mind that OptiCut comes with stock management and off cut re-integration into your stock

So to conclude, if you are doing any bar cut optimizing we strongly recommend that you look closely at OptiCut’s 1D bar cut optimizer. Click here for more information or download your FREE DEMO from the sidebar.

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