Boole & Partners

Wood Designer is proud to be an official Boole & Partners provider of software, training and support in almost every country worldwide.

Our suite of fully supported Boole & Partners software solutions includes:

PolyBoard – furniture design and manufacturing

Great 2D/3D presentations, pricing, instant cut lists, plans and CNC files. Full hardware mangement.

Click here for more information on PolyBoard

StairDesigner – stair design and manufacturing

The same ability to present high quality rendering to customers, get quotes out fast and output accurate manufacturing documents that update automatically with every design change you make.

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Plus our Optimisation solutions, stand alone or integrate seamlessly with our design software

OptiCut – cutting optimisation

boole opticut

Click of a button optimisation of your cut lists for faster manufacture, minimise material waste, plus label printing and off cut/stock management.

Click here for more information on OptiCut

OptiNest – nesting optimisation

boole optinest

If you use a CNC machine with nested manufacturing, OptiNest will create optimised nesting maps in seconds. Includes label, stock/off-cut and perfect grain management.

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See Boole & Partners software in action

Our Help Centre includes videos highlighting how you’ll be able to work faster and more accurately than ever before.

boole & partners support

Online demonstrations are available on request to see the power of the software and are a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

We find these demos very quickly help you decide if our software will be worth the investment in time and money.

We don’t just sell software, we make sure it works for you

  • Quick Design libraries – our unique collection of hardware, materials and assembly details to explode your design and manufacturing capabilities
  • 1-2-1 training services – including recordings of online sessions to watch and download at your leisure
  • Expert support – on our forum and via screen share sessions


  • 100s of video tutorials, models and guides
  • Special offers on software, training and services
  • Software and CNC configurations that work out of the box

Please contact us for more information on our Boole & Partners software offers, training and support services.