One of the advantages of using specialised cabinet cutlist software to design and build a project is simply the raw speed you can get the project out.

Although its easy to set up a model rectangular cabinet, when projects get complicated design can also get complicated and time consuming.

The problem is often not only to design the project but also how quickly you can make variations on a theme and show each variation off to a customer or other people involved in the project.

This is where our cabinet cutlist software Polyboard can really make the difference.

With Polyboard it’s straightforward to design for practically any space and get instant 3D to show off the project in all it’s details.

In this video I show how to design a cupboard to fit under a roof.

The project is also designed to move around a corner column.

A simple click to change the manufacturing method will create instant variations that show the project off in 3D as well as recreating all the manufacturing documents.

I made the video mainly to show the workflow rather than how the individual commands work.

If you have any questions about the commands and how to use them please leave a comment on the forum.

Click here for more details on our cabinetry design software.

You can also download and test the free version of PolyBoard which does everything the paid version does except product the manufacturing documents. You can buy the paid version so everything is integrated, or you have this alternative…

Use the free version of Polyboard and sign up for Premium Support and we’ll send you the manufacturing documents when you’ve completed your design. A great way to continue using some excellent commercial software without having to buy it.

I hope you enjoyed this demonstration.

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