Some key advice for you on the best optimization settings for your cutting sheet layouts. In fact, this depends in a large part on the elements you need to prioritize within your manufacturing cutting process.

More Than Just Waste Reduction

A simple assumption would be that the optimal set up for cutting a sheet material would be to minimize waste.

However, if you are working very cheap materials, whilst you still want a reasonable level of waste reduction, it might be economically more reasonable to minimize the time spent cutting rather than saving a few pennies on material costs.

Of course, this will depend how much material you are cutting. If you’re cutting vast amounts of cheap material, a small saving in materials return a big saving in your pocket.

Other aspects of the cutting process will also have to be taken into account…cutting cheap material with a very expensive machine may require material waste sacrifices in order to minimize machine time or tool wear.

OptiCut, our professional cutting optimization software, will allow you to set up all these different parameters and more for your cutting sheet layouts, and prioritise them one against the other on a sliding scale.

Here are a few of the parameters that you can prioritise in OptiCut:

  • Optimization processing time versus the quality of the optimization and so the overall waste reduction
  • Panel turnarounds which define how many times a panel can be turned on the saw for cutting
  • Off cut quality which defines the minimum size and surface of offcuts
  • Cutting lines which defines the number of cuts, and optimizes machine cutting time
  • Cutting linear which defines the total cutting length, and optimizes tool cutting wear
  • Overall costs which include cut and material costs

These parameters and others will enable you to adapt OptiCut to your specific situation and make it the best possible software for cutting your sheet material.

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