Polyboard is a great program for designing and manufacturing furniture and cabinets.

Polyboard is great for modelling panels but when it comes to modelling specific details especially in solid wood construction, it can be useful to add elements using a CAD program.

The CADD program you use for 3D modeling will depend on the result you need and the time you have to model.

It’s possible to use a program like AutoCad or ProgeCad but you might find that it can be too long and tedious to model in 3D.

Another tool that is designed specifically for quick 3D modeling is SketchUp.

SketchUp is a fantastic easy to use 3D modeler that has the advantage of being free.

You can load Polyboard DXF models as SketchUp cabinets and other furniture and add unlimited details in 3D and quickly build very nice 3D presentations.

To get Polyboard DXF models into the SketchUp free version you’ll have to convert the DXF into 3DS format.

I personnally use ProgeCad that can read DXF and then save in 3DS.

If you don’t have ProgeCad have a look at this web site to get more information on converters:


Here’s a quick video that shows how to add a door with a raised panel to a Polyboard cabinet using SketchUp.

The door is drawn with mouldings and a raised panel using the 4 SketchUp commands : push pull, move, arc, and offset.

This makes the 3D modeling easy and very fast.

Adding a door with raised panel with SketchUp

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EDIT: Polyboard is now able to export directly to 3DS.

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  1. Randy on April 22, 2013 at 7:45 am

    Polyboard is a great program for designing and manufacturing furniture and cabinets. wow i can do that

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