This is a short video to show how I use the StairDesigner DXF export functions to use Progecad or Autocad to build a complete 3D project with the rendering tools supplied in Progecad 2010/11.

Now most people will not require 3D modelling and rendering 3D to get their stair built. For general stair building, StairDesigner and a free 2D CADD system will work very well.

The advantages of stair building using a 3D system are felt in several situations:

– When one has to assemble several stairs or stairs and landing for presentation purposes. Complete stair wells can be built quickly and given a realistic look for customer approval.

– When working on solid or curved or wreathed strings and hand rails. 3D is very useful for setting out the face moulds. These elements can be calculated directly from a 3D model without any 2D manipulation.

Here’s a short video showing how to build a rendered image of a stair with it’s landing in 3D.

To see how I use StairDesigner to build a landing or mezzanine you can look at this video:

Building mezzanines and platforms with StairDesigner

With a bit of preparation the whole process can be generally done in under an hour.

Hope you like it:

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Thanks very much!


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  2. […] How to build a 3D stair project with StairDesigner and ProgeCAD […]

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