If you want to build a stair on a very tight budget but have some free time, you will certainly find this article interesting.

With the free version of StairDesigner, you can easily calculate and design your stair and get instant 3D images, but you can’t print the plans and working documents to build it. To get all the working documents you have several options.

– Buy the full version,

For a professional who builds stairs regularly, buying the full Stairdesigner will save an enormous amount of time, both in the design process and in the workshop.

For someone who makes a living building stairs, investing in software is certainly one of the most profitable options and gives  a very quick return on investment.

If you are interested in buying a full version go to our StairDesigner page.

– Use our StairFile service,

If you don’t build stairs regularly, our StairFile service will, for a small investment, supply you with all the working documents to build your stair. Advice and help setting up your project is also included in the service. So if you want your plans quickly and would also like some expert advice and support to set up your stair the StairFile service is for you.

The StairFile Service is free with a Premium Support subscription.

– Use the free demo version of StairDesigner with other free software.

If you have a very limited budget or just like doing things yourself, it’s possible to calculate and design your stair using the free version of StairDesigner and a free CAD program.

Of course this takes more time to do than using the DXF plans out of StairDesigner, but if you have the courage and the time it can be an interesting challenge and will certainly help you understand in detail how to calculate the different stair parts from the initial plan.

To use free software you’ll not only need more time but you’ll also have to know at least the basics of using a CAD program lie Autocad or Draftsight.

If you like learning and playing with CAD you’ll maybe find this a fun and interesting experience, if not go for a StairFile.

In the following video I show quickly how to use the StairDesigner demo version to calculate the stair and set up the plan in Draftsight.

If you want to try and draw you stair using free software, you’ll need the following programs:

– StairDesigner demo version, that you can download here.

– DraftSight, that you can download from this page.

– JING that you can download here.

If you’d like to see what other people have built using the free demo version of StairDesigner click on our stair testimonials page here.

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