We’ve created a range of new Polyboard video tutorials for you this month. A bit of a mix of features, tips to design faster, and also one to help you manage your Quick Design libraries you should definitely watch.

Just a quick reminder that you can click on this link to find these and all our other Polyboard video tutorials.

Basic Zone Management

First up, a nice video that runs through some common zone management tips to make many aspects of the design process that little bit faster. Zones describe the spaces within your cabinets. You select these to apply elements like doors, drawers, shelves etc.

We cover how to make these selections, and also how to copy a design you’ve already done.

Halving Joint

It’s now possible to very easily apply a halving joint in Polyboard. What’s more, this type of joint can include a Free Division, which unlike a standard upright or shelf, can be manipulated to sit at any angle you want.

You can create some quite complex structures this way, and again all the complicated calculations are done for you. You’ve got instant output of the parts with all cut angles.

Drawer Partitions

We hope you like this neat addition to Polyboard’s design suite. You can now select the drawer internal space and add uprights or angled Free Divisions. A very fast way to add internal storage partitions including for kitchen, office and walk in wardrobe solutions.

Modify Style Command

A fast way to change all instances of a specific material or 3D accessory in your project.

Link your Quick Design Libraries to Polyboard

When you download and install first Polyboard, then the Quick Designer libraries that go with it, the two will automatically link to each other.
If you move the libraries or rename them this link will be broken. It’s very easy to solve, this video shows you how.

You might also have custom libraries, or share libraries across different computers using a cloud storage service. You would use this same method to link to them.

Find out more

If you haven’t already, please register for free on our website to download the free/demo version of Polyboard. This comes with 100% of the software’s design features so you can get started on your project straight away.

When you’re ready to buy, any designs can be used with the full version. Please also feel free to request an online demo to see the software in action. You’ll find more information here on Polyboard.

Alternatively you can use our CabinetFile service if you’re only working on a one-off or occasional project/s, or to test before buying. Another great way to access pro cabinet design software.


  1. West Africa Woods on December 12, 2020 at 11:10 am

    Very informative

  2. Vuyani Zitho on August 18, 2020 at 8:50 am

    Hi I’m very happy to come across in such motivational video, I hv been struggling and take much time to design by myself and making cutting list. I really appreciate this.

    • Stefan on August 18, 2020 at 8:58 am

      Hi Vuyani, thanks for your message. I’m glad the videos help. Please do check out the rest of our Polyboard videos here.

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