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Here’s a video to show you around my workshop and share with you the jobs we are actually working on.

If you would like more information on specific topics just leave a comment to tell me and I’ll see what I can do.


Jobs at hand November 9th 2011

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  • Tomas

    Reply Reply November 13, 2011

    Hi,i am Tomas from Lithuania i making stairs you can see my job on vidauslaiptai.lt would like too see hou you make a curved string and handrail than you.

  • Alick Munro

    Reply Reply November 14, 2011

    Nice looking wreith. I am guessing you did the profile by hand. I have tried setting up a shaper to profile uniform decending curved handrailings but have had no success. Lots of fear though. So far my best bet is to creat the thinnest possible laminate with the profile on it then apply it.

    Alick Munro
    Artisan Stair

    • admin

      Reply Reply November 14, 2011

      Hi Alick,
      Thanks for the comment
      I do the mouldings with a portable spindle moulder or shaper. You can also carve them out and then use a scrapper.
      Most of my moulded rails have too much relief to be set into a laminate thin enough to bend around a wreath. The other problem being that the wreath bends in 2 directions at once. this is particularly true for this wreath that has to follow an iron rail that has been bent all over the place.
      I’ll post a photo if your interested.
      all the best

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