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This commercial project shows you how a professional workshop partnered with one of our Approved Suppliers to design with the free version of our cabinet design program Polyboard, then outsource cut and machining of the parts.

These parts were delivered back flat packed completely ready for assembly.

The project was run by Lee Ferris and the team at Hutton Timber Products Ltd. It was a large bar install for a sports club and included a lot of cabinetry.

Lee used the free version of Polyboard, with full access to software design advice whenever he needed it on our Wood Designer forum, or via TeamViewer screen sharing sessions. When working with one of our partners in this way, this Premium Support bundle is completely free of charge.

Here’s a comment from Dean on the project:

We machined and edged 41 10ft x 4ft sheets and sprayed all lacquered panels required for the back fitting.

We delivered it 2 weeks ago and have since had a call to say they are impressed.

This was a great use of Polyboard as we managed all the machining and edging in 3 days with just 2 men then 2 days to spray and pallet ready for delivery. All panels were stickered and along with exploded diagrams, this would of been impossible without Polyboard so very pleased with it.

Dean Price, Tees Tech Joinery

This is a view of the project in Polyboard, showing both side of the bar either side of the central partition wall:

cabinet design program

And here’s a close up in wireframe of a cabinet showing the machining for the Raffix connectors:

Here’s what Lee had to say:

In the past I had to draw the project in SketchUp or AutoCad then size up all the panels required, including a schedule showing the grain direction and where edging was required. I would send this off to a supplier to get the parts cut.

Then when you got it all back, we would have to do the jointing, with biscuits for example. The process was prone to error and pretty slow.

This time, I designed the project in the free version of Polyboard and sent it to Dean at Tees Tech Joinery. They cut and edged all the panels and delivered flat packed along with machinings for Raffix connectors so you could assemble easily and quickly.

The whole process worked very well, was faster and cut down on human error, and so worked out cheaper.

Lee Ferris, Hutton Timber Products Ltd

Tees Tech Joinery use SCM CNC machines with a Biesse edgebander, spray booths and work out of a really nice showroom complete with design centre. This features Polyboard on a big screen to present to clients, which we think is a super idea and Dean tells us works very well.

As well as our Polyboard cabinet design software, they nest using our OptiNest software for a very efficient workflow.

You can contact Dean at Tees Tech Joinery or view their Approved Supplier page for a summary of how you would partner with them. Or of course contact us if you need any more information.

Like the idea of becoming an Approved Supplier?

If you use our software or are thinking about buying, please let us know if you’d like to be one of our Approved Suppliers, so we can pass referrals on to you. It’s also a great offer to give other professional woodworkers you know, allowing you to develop a network of businesses that use your CNC facilities.

Let us provide free design software and support to them. They send you their finished designs to cut and machine.

Want to use Polyboard’s powerful design capabilities without buying, and outsource your manufacturing?

Then link up with one of our Approved Suppliers, contact us for details.

Thanks for reading, and a big thanks as well to Lee and Dean for their contributions to this article.

    6 replies to "Free Cabinet Design Program + Manufacturing Service"

    • ermias fetene

      can i get ur cabinet software for free

    • cornie

      I would like to see more of what this free software can do as far as shop drawings and submittals

      • Stefan

        Hi Cornie, you can output 100% accurate dimensioned 2D drawings (and 3D presentations) and automatically calculate the costs of your projects. Please register for free then go to the Polyboard download page to install and test the software. There are some good overview videos to watch and follow through on the same page too. Thanks, Stefan


      I received “Free Cabinet Software + Manufacturing Service”. but I live in México, do you have cnc suppliers here?.


      • Stefan

        Hi Rafael, thanks for your message. No unfortunately we don’t currently have a supplier in Mexico. As an alternative, and if you don’t want to actually buy the software outright, you can sign up to Premium Support and use the free version to get your cutting list, plans and DXF files to run a CNC. Then take those to a local supplier who will still be able to cut your parts for you. Thanks

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