Get everything you need to build your own stair projects…

Find out how to use and download our free stair design software from our website. We’ve also linked to other free stair software products that work extremely well with StairDesigner.

Free StairDesigner Download

free stair software sample stair project

The ultimate stair design and manufacturing software.

Please note, you have 2 options with StairDesigner. To buy the software outright, or to use the free version which comes with full design capabilities.

The only thing that free version doesn’t do is output the cut list, plans and CNC files.

If you need those, please use the free version of StairDesigner in conjunction with our StairFile cut list and plan processing service.

This service is free to Premium Support subscribers…a great way to use pro stair software without buying it.

Perfect for a single or the occasional stair project.

Click here sign up for FREE and start using StairDesigner today

As well as our software, you’ll have access to a huge range of video tutorials, stair models, our Quick Design libraries and lots more.

Free NANOCAD Download

free nanocad example project

Free professional 2D CAD software.

Export DXF files of each part from StairDesigner, edit and enhance in NANOCAD.

Useful for modifying the shape of your parts, displaying dimensions, accessing extra print output options and lots more.

Go direct to NANOCAD website to download

Free SketchUp Download

sketchup stair example

SketchUp is an amazing free tool that allows you to set up your projects in 3D.

If you use ProgeCad or a similar CAD programme to edit StairDesigner (or Polyboard) DXF files you can then import 3D files from ProgeCad into the free version of SketchUp.

The full version of SketchUp is able to directly import StairDesigner and Polyboard DXF files and transpose them to a complex 3D environment.

Go direct to the SketchUp website to download

Free pCon.planner Download

pcon planner stair render

Interior 3D photo realistic rendering software.

Export 3D DXF or 3DS files from StairDesigner, direct import to pCon.planner. Combine with StairDesigner’s parametric design and manufacturing output for a complete production, sales and marketing solution.

The free version offers great rendering and design features. There’s also a pro/paid version for additional access to manufacturer’s data, enhanced order fulfilment options and lots more.

Go direct to the pCon.planner website to download

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