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More information on updates

Go to our StairDesigner new features forum thread.

StairDesigner versions

Latest Version

StairDesigner 7.17d

  • Updates to Format4 post processor to extend riser/step notches at the newel and string ends, and also a newel export change so only one or two files are exported
  • Fixes for the measuring tool and Biesse pocket emptying feature

Previous Versions

StairDesigner 7.17

  • New measuring tool feature

StairDesigner Version 7.16d

  • Minor bug fixes including to MPR post processor and curved parts

StairDesigner Version 7.16

  • The SCM / XCS post processor saw mode now includes chamfering

StairDesigner Version 7.15f

  • New options for central cut strings, boxed cut strings, lateral cut strings cut version
  • Ability to set riser priority within the step penetration parameter

StairDesigner Version 7.15a

  • Minor bug fixes including fix for incorrect calculation of cut strings connection points in some cases

StairDesigner Version 7.15

  • New soffit feature for masons, allowing you to create a stair in concrete and finish with wood or stone
  • Post processors now include front and back nose line settings

StairDesigner Version 7.14d

  • New Felder Format 4 post processor (F4G)
  • New auto backup feature that runs every 5 minutes and allows your design to be restored in the event of an unexpected shut down of StairDesigner

StairDesigner Version 7.14a
Minor internal bug fix.

StairDesigner Version 7.14
New tube rail to newel post positioning data, Biesse post processor now allows newel post export in single or multiple files by face, new CNC part oversizing by height and width, pocketing now available in NC-HOPS post processor, and horizontal milling in Biesse and SCM post processors.

StairDesigner Version 7.13e
Template printer set up fix.

StairDesigner Version 7.13d
Internal bug fix.

StairDesigner Version 7.13c
Fix for stringer mirroring issue in SCM CNC post processor output.

StairDesigner Version 7.13, 7.13a, 7.13b
New headroom control feature, plus minor bug fixes.

StairDesigner Version 7.12g
Improved full size template print management of page length.

StairDesigner Version 7.12f
Adjustable position of first tube rail, riser perpendicular penetration option.

StairDesigner Version 7.12e
Minor bug fixes.

StairDesigner Version 7.12d
BTL export, DXF file output rotation option.

StairDesigner Version 7.12c
Dedicated tooling for step housing.

StairDesigner Version 7.12a, 7.12b
False positive antivirus fix, minor bug fixes

StairDesigner Version 7.12
New features: 3DS export, new SCM/XXL and NC-HOPS post processors, new post processor configuration with tool lists defined for each post.

StairDesigner Version 7.11a and 7.11
Addition of new handrail tubing feature.

StairDesigner Version 7.10g
Additional fix for virus false positives.

StairDesigner Version 7.10f
Translation into Japanese (partially translated in version 7.10e).

StairDesigner Version 7.10c and 7.10d
Fix for false positive virus detection issues (note: no virus was present at any time).

StairDesigner Version 7.10b
Bug fix relating to grouped selection of stringers causing duplicate template printing.

StairDesigner Version 7.10a
Minor bug fix relating to activation process.

StairDesigner Version 7.10
New features include: save and restore settings; enhanced activation process; ability to add multiple landings; adjust thickness of lines in 1:1 templates print outs; Biesse post processor now includes ability to machine on the edges for 4 axis CNC machines.

StairDesigner Version 7.06a
New step shaping feature released.

StairDesigner Version 7.05d
Wedges management, finer control over curved part generation, step recesses now included in post processor output.

StairDesigner Version 7.05c
Multi pass profile tooling, post processor parts selection, rough cut / finish cut, enhanced post processor pocket management.

StairDesigner Version 7.05b
Ability to group step and riser notches (StairDesigner Pro PP only).
New post processor option to split stringboards, cut strings and handrails that would otherwise be too big to cut on a CNC (StairDesigner Pro PP only).
Individual step dimensions can now be displayed.

StairDesigner Version 7.05a
Post processor updates.

StairDesigner Version 7.05
Enhanced editing of the shape of string boards and cut strings, and additional stair landing model pre-set.

StairDesigner Version 7.04d, 7.04e, 7.04f
Minor bug fixes

StairDesigner Version 7.04c
This new release handles the situation of non square angles between flights in a better way, namely regarding the links between stringboards and newel posts.
It also introduces a new ‘Diamond Tip’ option as an alternative to square newel posts.

StairDesigner Version 7.04b
Axis illustrating banister direction now plotted on the stringboard template, options for rectangular landing or a landing aligned with the flight sides and editable flight angles.

StairDesigner Version 7.04a
Setting parameter modifications including starting and ending angles, flight width, and direct creation of circular flights.

StairDesigner Version 7.04
Improvements focused on stringboard calculations and junctions.

StairDesigner Version 7.02d
Fixes stringboard positioning issue.
Allows free longitudinal positioning of the newel post.

StairDesigner Version 7.02c

StairDesigner Version 7.02b
Adding greater flexibility to the new landing/landing step feature

StairDesigner Version 7.02a

StairDesigner Version 7.02
This version includes the new landing step feature


StairDesigner 7 is available in the following languages:


More information on updates

Go to our StairDesigner new features forum thread for updates.

Please contact us if you are planning to use StairDesigner in your workshop and would like to set up an online demo of the software.

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