StairDesigner Version Control

StairDesigner version control

StairDesigner Version Control

Latest Version

StairDesigner Version 7.05b
Ability to group step and riser notches (StairDesigner Pro PP only).
New post processor option to split stringboards, cut strings and handrails that would otherwise be too big to cut on a CNC (StairDesigner Pro PP only).
Individual step dimensions can now be displayed.

StairDesigner Version 6.52a

We are now selling StairDesigner 7 Beta along with StairDesigner 6 free of charge until all features from version 6 are transferred over to version 7.
Contact us for details.

Previous Versions

StairDesigner Version 7.05a
Post processor updates.
StairDesigner Version 7.05
Enhanced editing of the shape of string boards and cut strings, and additional stair landing model pre-set.
StairDesigner Version 7.04d, 7.04e, 7.04f
Minor bug fixes
StairDesigner Version 7.04c
This new release handles the situation of non square angles between flights in a better way, namely regarding the links between stringboards and newel posts.
It also introduces a new ‘Diamond Tip’ option as an alternative to square newel posts.
StairDesigner Version 7.04b
Axis illustrating banister direction now plotted on the stringboard template, options for rectangular landing or a landing aligned with the flight sides and editable flight angles.
StairDesigner Version 7.04a
Setting parameter modifications including starting and ending angles, flight width, and direct creation of circular flights.
StairDesigner Version 7.04
Improvements focused on stringboard calculations and junctions.
StairDesigner Version 7.03, 7.03a
StairDesigner Version 7.02d
Fixes stringboard positioning issue.
Allows free longitudinal positioning of the newel post.

StairDesigner Version 7.02c
StairDesigner Version 7.02b
Adding greater flexibility to the new landing/landing step feature
StairDesigner Version 7.02a

StairDesigner Version 7.02
This version includes the new landing step feature

StairDesigner Version 7.01, 7.01a through to 7.01h


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