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If there is any new training you’d like to see, please let us know on the Requests Forum in the Members Area. This week, all of the videos we’ve got for you below are the direct result of member requests.

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Latest Training

1. Using our Bench Top Vacuum Jig to Rout and Cut Mountain Decos

Adding decorative effects to panelling for a recent stair project – click here

2. Modular Desk

It can be easier to create more complex pieces of furniture in Polyboard’s Project Mode, by combining simpler elements.

Here’s how it’s done, in this case with a desk consisting of a drawer unit, a cabinet with a door, a back panel, and a worktop – click here

3. An Alternative Use for a Biscuit Jointer

Creating grooves with one of these instead of a router – click here

4. Frame and Brace Door

A great example of the flexibility of Polyboard – click here

5. Sandwich Panels

Creating panels that in this case consist of 3 parts, 2 outer pieces of sheet material and an inner framework – click here

6. Polyboard Hardware Settings for Blum Profiles

In our last update, we showed how to create the appearance of these profiles. Here we set up the notches for their assembly – click here

7. Add Edging to your Furniture Designs

How to use a manufacturing sub method to apply edging to any project – click here

8. Kick Frames and Plinths

A good way to ensure your kick frames clip on to your furniture with a recess – click here
How to add a plinth in front of a kick frame for a neat and tidy finish – click here

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