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Here are some thoughts on how to choose the joints for assembling stair parts.

As usual, any suggestions or comments are very welcome. Please post a new thread in the forum with your ideas.

Before you design your stairs decide on the assembly details. How you put your stair together will be greatly determined by the tools you’ll use to make your stair.

Assembly detail with bolts and biscuits for curved strings
Assembly detail with bolts and biscuits for curved strings

Here’s a list of the assembly details that you should precisely define before you start designing. Namely, how are you going to assemble:

  • Strings with the newel posts.
  • Strings with strings when there’s no newel post.
  • Handrails to newel posts.
  • Steps and risers with strings.
  • Steps with risers.
  • Balusters with strings and handrails.

If you’re not an experienced stair builder or supervising other less experienced stair builders, it’s a good idea to write out a sort of bible where you sketch out, for each stair model, the assembly details with all the dimensions according to board and post thickness and sizes.

This information will be used in StairDesigner to generate stair part drawings that you’ll be able to machine up fast and easily with the tools you have at hand.

In the final section of this guide, I’ll run through a few ways of defining assembly details by looking at the tools you have in your tool box.

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