When I have to make a wooden hand rail to fit a metal stair rail that has a smooth regular curve the easiest way is to use twisted laminates.

If, as is usually the case, I’m making the rail as a sub contractor for another company that builds metallic stairs, this technique enables me to make the rail without ever seeing the actual stair.

The customer sends me either the drawings or even just the rise and run of the stair.

I mark up the rail by applyin the tangent system to the  drawing and build the rail with twisted laminates.

Here’s a short video that outlines this technique:

Building a Wreathed Hand Rail using Twisted Laminates

For more information on curved stair building see this article:

How to build curved stairs and handrails

Read this article for more information on tangent handrailing:

How to use StairDesigner and ProgeCad for Tangent Handrailing

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