Polyboard 6 New Features

Polyboard 6

Polyboard 6 is the new version of Polyboard which will be officially releasing next month. This new version is an extension of version 5 and includes many new features, based on frequently requested functionality. All new features have been extensively tested in a live environment and are now ready for release. Here are just some…

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Carpentry Software to Transform Your Business

Here is a message from carpenter Michal Lacko in which he explains his new method of working…with the free version of the carpentry software Polyboard and in partnership with a CNC service to cut, machine and edge the parts. He saved a lot of time with this new workflow, and didn’t need to invest in…

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Edging on Sandwich Panels

edging on sandwich panels

This article is in response to a reader question about applying edging on sandwich panels. Applying edging on sandwich boards requires a different approach, as Polyboard will not put it on a panel directly. When you make a composite panel made of several layers using Polyboard’s ‘thickness split’ command, applying an edging on the panel…

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Cabinet Cutlist Software: Design An Attic Cupboard In Under 10 Minutes Using Polyboard

cabinet cutlist software

One of the advantages of using specialised cabinet cutlist software to design and build a project is simply the raw speed you can get the project out. Although its easy to set up a model rectangular cabinet, when projects get complicated design can also get complicated and time consuming. The problem is often not only…

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Woodwork Project Tips: Using Dummy Cabinets with Polyboard

filler placement using dummy model in Polyboard

We’ve created a series of video tutorials in Polyboard’s Core Training focusing on Project Mode and how to use dummy cabinets or models to draw walls, doors and windows. Well, the advantages of using dummy models don’t stop there. You can invent a whole range of simple applications that will make designing with Polyboard a…

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Coffee Table Plans and More: Design in Wood and Metal with Polyboard

coffee table plans

Although Polyboard has been designed to build furniture and cabinets from sheet material, it’s powerful modelling functions makes it very useful for a whole range of design and manufacturing projects. In this example I use Polyboard to build a coffee table with a wooden top but with a structure made from metallic tubing. Specifically, we’ve…

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Woodwork Business Cuts Production Time by 50%

boiler utility room designed with polyboard

Many small to medium woodworking shops still hesitate before investing in wood design software to speed up their workflow. There can be a perception that wood software is something relevant to only big companies that focus on building large quantities of standard units. And at the same time it can be considered less well adapted…

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Quickly Change All Materials in your Furniture Design with Sub-Methods

If you need to change the material of an element in a cabinet or other piece of furniture you can select each part and change it’s material. But if you want to change the material of a type of part, for instance all the shelves, then it’s far quicker to use a Manufacturing Method. We…

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Making semi-framed cabinet doors

Video Transcription This is a short video to show you how to set up doors that only have two styles and a central panel without any rails. This is how to do it quickly and easily. Let’s open a new cabinet and give it a height to give it a decent shape and add some…

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Adding Slack to Your Grooves in Polyboard

Polyboard calculates all your assembly details at exactly the right size and by default leaves no play in the grooves between the panels. If your CNC router is machining grooves just a little too tight fitting, you can add extra width and depth to grooves to make for an easier fit. This video shows you…

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