Polyboard Version Control

Polyboard version control

Polyboard Version Control

Latest Version

Polyboard 6.05h1
Minor bug fix to remedy 2D plan view issue in previous version

Please make sure you also download our Quick Design Libraries from the Polyboard download page. They replace the default libraries and will make your design and manufacturing process much easier and faster. The Lite version of these libraries is available for free. The full Pro edition of the libraries is exclusive to Premium Support subscribers.

They include a huge range of materials, and hardware and other assembly details, and we’ve included lots of great models as well to show you just what’s possible with the software.

Selected Previous Versions

Polyboard 6.05h
Addition of Turkish language

Polyboard 6.05f
Addition of Vietnamese language and outline management in the NC-HOPS post processor to aid nesting using the .hop file format

Polyboard 6.05d
Wall creation in project mode bug fix

Polyboard 6.05c
Restores the project “Drawing and Tooling …” printout option

Polyboard 6.05a, Polyboard 6.05b
Double unboxing controls bug fix

Polyboard 6.05
Minor bug fixes

Polyboard 6.04q
Fixes the Group/Ungroup bug.
Expands 3DS export function to SketchUp, adding a folder including all the textures required.

Polyboard 6.04p
Plinth and upper strip fix that occurred in version 6.04n

Polyboard 6.04n
3DS export feature now preserves both colours and textures upon export to SketchUp.

Polyboard 6.04m

Polyboard 6.04k
In previous versions ‘Uprights / Frontage’ priority could be set in a sub-method, but not modified later on. This has been fixed.

Polyboard 6.04d, 6.04e, 6.04f, 6.04g, 6.04h, 6.04i, 6.04j

Polyboard 6.04c
This version fixes some minor issues, and includes a new option that determines whether or not to apply a full slack or a half-slack in the case of shared edges. This option is available in both “Doors” and “Drawers” sub-methods.

Polyboard 6.04b
This version includes a few improvements including Single Panel Fittings mirroring, new rotation options upon the PP transfer, SCM PP macros and fixes some issues, namely the inversion of DXF shapes on import.

Polyboard Version 6.04, 6.04a
New 3DS file format export

Polyboard Version 6.03, 6.03b, 6.03c, 6.03d, 6.03e, 6.03f
Polyboard Version 6.02g1
Polyboard Version 6.02g
Polyboard Version 6.02f
Extended inner tooling feature to create internal shapes parallel to the part shape, and simulate frames for example

Polyboard Version 6.02e
Polyboard Version 6.02d
Polyboard Version 6.02c1, 6.02c2 and 6.02c3
Minor bug fixes

Polyboard Version 6.02c
TCN lead in/lead out parameters
Additional pricing lines in reports

Polyboard Version 6.02b
Polyboard Version 6.02a

Polyboard Version 6.02
More flexibility in addings a curve to the edge tooling
Tenon and mortise mangement for surface split panels
Sort post processor details by tooling type
Easy access to textures in the same way as materials and libraries are managed
Minor bug fixes

Polyboard Version 6.01k2
Polyboard Version 6.01k1
Polyboard Version 6.01k
Polyboard Version 6.01j
Polyboard Version 6.01i
Polyboard Version 6.01h

Polyboard Version 6.01g
Fixes the 3D bug and restores the ‘Take no Action’ option.

Polyboard Version 6.01f
Polyboard Version 6.01e
Polyboard Version 6.01d
Polyboard Version 6.01c
Polyboard Version 6.01b
Polyboard Version 6.01a

Polyboard Version 5.14g

Polyboard Version 5.12j
This version has fixed some issues concerning the appearance and positioning of hardware fittings in drawers.

Polyboard Version 5.12i
Polyboard Version 5.12h
Polyboard Version 5.12g
Polyboard Version 5.12f
Polyboard Version 5.12e
Polyboard Version 5.12d
Polyboard Version 5.12c
Polyboard Version 5.12b
Polyboard Version 5.12a

Polyboard Version 5.11h
This version of Polyboard fixed an incompatibility with Windows 8.1 that was present in the previous version.

Polyboard Version 5.11b
Polyboard Version 4.09


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