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Please make sure you also download PolyBoard’s Quick Design libraries to benefit from the full potential of the software.

These libraries include a large range of pre configured design and manufacturing preferences including materials, hardware and other assembly details, and we’ve included lots of great models as well to show you just what’s possible with the software.

PolyBoard versions

Further details can be found on our PolyBoard new features forum thread.

Latest Version

PolyBoard 7.12d

  • SCM post processor includes a new drilling code parameter
  • Minor bug fixes to DXF export and Modify style commands

Selected Previous Versions

PolyBoard 7.10u

  • Ability to export to OptiNest 3
  • Minor bug fixes

PolyBoard 7.10

  • Grain direction feature added to nested manufacturing set up
  • SCM PGM macros include path identification for WinXiso
  • SCM Maestro macros now available in the XCS export
  • New parameters added to TpaCAD post processor chamfer saw mode: inclination angle reference and tool vertical overlap
  • CIX post processor for Biesse now includes a maximum length parameter in milling mode

PolyBoard 7.09a

  • Addition of Serbian and Czech languages
  • Ability to add a bevel depth in milling mode
  • Panel default positions that allow you to position key panels inside and outside the carcass dimensions, especially useful to sit the frontage outside

PolyBoard 7.08c

  • New cutoff sawing/milling feature for TPA, MPR and Biesse post processors
  • New groove orientation post processor setting
  • More custom tool groove options
  • Improved virtual face management for TPA post processor

PolyBoard 7.07q

  • New post processors for F4G/Felder Format 4 and XCS/SCM and Morbidelli CNCs
  • Drag and drop feature to open your design by dragging on to the PolyBoard desktop icon or directly into the software window
  • Auto backup feature to save your design every 5 minutes and restore in the event of an unexpected shut down of the software.

PolyBoard 7.07h

New drawer lateral slack option, new fittings links for doors and drawers, new multiple post processor machining operation filter, new post processor line insertion option, new printing options to split cabinet and tooling print outs.

PolyBoard 7.06f

Internal bug fix.

PolyBoard 7.06b, 7.06c, 7.06d

Fixes for the application of mortise and tenon joints, post processor groove management, TpaCAD post processor management of regular drillings, and double door assembly.

PolyBoard 7.06a

The ‘Ignore links if one of the panels is nil’ feature has been restored as a Fitting Links sub-method option. This had been temporarily removed in version 7.06.

PolyBoard 7.06

Updated post processor settings so parameters for all post processors now share a common organisational structure.

PolyBoard 7.05i

Minor internal bug fix

PolyBoard 7.05h

Adds the ability to synchronise the cutting list output with multi/super post processor output, allowing part numbers to match machine file numbers. Previously this feature was restricted to single post processors.

PolyBoard 7.05g

Fixes for drill angle issue in bSolid post processor, and fittings appearing on both sides of panels.

PolyBoard 7.05f

Minor bug fix

PolyBoard 7.05e

Minor bug fix

PolyBoard 7.05b to 7.05d

  • Enhancements to management of double sided machining and edge drilling across PolyBoard and OptiNest
  • Modification to Biesse post processor so CIX/CID file export can optionally include both faces of a part in the same file
  • Improved DXF export to Maestro / SCM CNCs

PolyBoard 7.05a
Split post processor features allowing you to use multiple post processors within a single routine for different elements of your project.

PolyBoard 7.04d, 7.04e, 7.04f
Minor post processor fixes, customized tools option added to DXF post processor, residual thickness option to use a different tool for the final pass, Xilog post processor orientations management, enhancements to the data range post processor feature so you can now adjust hardware positioning as well as selection.

PolyBoard 7.04c
Fix for DXF output including grooves and inner toolings.

PolyBoard 7.04b
New generation of post processors, Tool Identifiers library, Drilling Range feature to fine tune tool selection, SCM export of machine file for each side, NC-HOPS default drilling codes, fixes for DXF export, edges management and regular drillings.

PolyBoard 7.02c
Fix for 3D display of drawers and fittings.

PolyBoard 7.02b
Fix for anomaly when using structures on drawer fronts.

PolyBoard 7.02, 7.02a
Fix for framed structures management.

PolyBoard 7.01r, 7.01s, 7.01t
Fix for bugs when opening the bar library and new antivirus certification system.

PolyBoard 7.01q
Corner cabinet fix when using the free shape editor.

PolyBoard 7.01n
Plinth positioning fix.

PolyBoard 7.01m, 7.01k
Series of minor feature improvements: application of structures within manufacturing methods, output to OptiNest; Modify Style command menu.

PolyBoard 7.01j
Series of bug fixes: changing materials; sliding door orientation; mortise and tenon shoulders.

PolyBoard 7.01i
Ability to chose whether or not to apply structures associated with a Materials Style sub-method.
Improved exploded view and 3D display speed improvements, specifically when regular drillings are applied.

PolyBoard 7.01g
Fixes fittings placement issue relating to drawers

PolyBoard 7.01d, 7.01d1, 7.01e, 7.01f
Fixes bugs when applying single panels edging, output of post processor reports, and creation of duplicate models in Project Mode

PolyBoard 7.01b, 7.01c
Minor bug fixes, including the use of double back with the new lateral zone feature

PolyBoard 7.01a
Major new release covering enhancements in design and manufacturing capabilities, library management and speed: click here to read more about the PolyBoard 7 new features

PolyBoard 6.07c
Fix for intermittent false positive virus warnings during installation (note: there was no virus present)

PolyBoard 6.07
Includes new save and restore function

PolyBoard 6.05h1
Minor bug fix to remedy 2D plan view issue in previous version

PolyBoard 6.05h
Addition of Turkish language

PolyBoard 6.05f
Addition of Vietnamese language and outline management in the NC-HOPS post processor to aid nesting using the .hop file format

PolyBoard 6.05d
Wall creation in project mode bug fix

PolyBoard 6.05c
Restores the project “Drawing and Tooling …” printout option

PolyBoard 6.05a, PolyBoard 6.05b
Double unboxing controls bug fix

PolyBoard 6.05
Minor bug fixes

PolyBoard 6.04q
Fixes the Group/Ungroup bug.
Expands 3DS export function to SketchUp, adding a folder including all the textures required.

PolyBoard 6.04p
Plinth and upper strip fix that occurred in version 6.04n

PolyBoard 6.04n
3DS export feature now preserves both colours and textures upon export to SketchUp.

PolyBoard 6.04m

PolyBoard 6.04k
In previous versions ‘Uprights / Frontage’ priority could be set in a sub-method, but not modified later on. This has been fixed.

PolyBoard 6.04d, 6.04e, 6.04f, 6.04g, 6.04h, 6.04i, 6.04j

PolyBoard 6.04c
This version fixes some minor issues, and includes a new option that determines whether or not to apply a full slack or a half-slack in the case of shared edges. This option is available in both “Doors” and “Drawers” sub-methods.

PolyBoard 6.04b
This version includes a few improvements including Single Panel Fittings mirroring, new rotation options upon the PP transfer, SCM PP macros and fixes some issues, namely the inversion of DXF shapes on import.

PolyBoard Version 6.04, 6.04a
New 3DS file format export

PolyBoard Version 6.03, 6.03b, 6.03c, 6.03d, 6.03e, 6.03f
PolyBoard Version 6.02g1
PolyBoard Version 6.02g
PolyBoard Version 6.02f
Extended inner tooling feature to create internal shapes parallel to the part shape, and simulate frames for example

PolyBoard Version 6.02e
PolyBoard Version 6.02d
PolyBoard Version 6.02c1, 6.02c2 and 6.02c3
Minor bug fixes

PolyBoard Version 6.02c
TCN lead in/lead out parameters
Additional pricing lines in reports

PolyBoard Version 6.02b
PolyBoard Version 6.02a

PolyBoard Version 6.02
More flexibility in addings a curve to the edge tooling
Tenon and mortise mangement for surface split panels
Sort post processor details by tooling type
Easy access to textures in the same way as materials and libraries are managed
Minor bug fixes

PolyBoard Version 6.01k2
PolyBoard Version 6.01k1
PolyBoard Version 6.01k
PolyBoard Version 6.01j
PolyBoard Version 6.01i
PolyBoard Version 6.01h

PolyBoard Version 6.01g
Fixes the 3D bug and restores the ‘Take no Action’ option.

PolyBoard Version 6.01f
PolyBoard Version 6.01e
PolyBoard Version 6.01d
PolyBoard Version 6.01c
PolyBoard Version 6.01b
PolyBoard Version 6.01a

PolyBoard Version 5.14g

PolyBoard Version 5.12j
This version has fixed some issues concerning the appearance and positioning of hardware fittings in drawers.

PolyBoard Version 5.12i
PolyBoard Version 5.12h
PolyBoard Version 5.12g
PolyBoard Version 5.12f
PolyBoard Version 5.12e
PolyBoard Version 5.12d
PolyBoard Version 5.12c
PolyBoard Version 5.12b
PolyBoard Version 5.12a

PolyBoard Version 5.11h
This version of PolyBoard fixed an incompatibility with Windows 8.1 that was present in the previous version.

PolyBoard Version 5.11b
PolyBoard Version 4.09


PolyBoard is available in the following languages:


More information on updates

Go to our PolyBoard new features forum thread.

If you are thinking of buying PolyBoard for your workshop, please contact us to arrange an online demo.


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