Woodwork Design and Build Guides

Everything from specialist techniques and simple tips to help you work faster and better to sound business advice whatever your company size, these eBooks are a great complement to our video tutorials.

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Staircase Basics

  • A step by step starter guide from preparation, design and build to assembly

Wood and Materials

  • Solid wood vs composite material construction, moisture content, play and warping

Managing Resources

  • Often overlooked, how to make the best use of your time, budget and expertise

21st Century Craftsman

  • How to find the best software solutions for your business in a changing world

Design Preliminaries

  • Assembly techniques, choosing the right equipment, site measurements

Taking Sizes

  • Advice on taking the on site dimensions of your stairwell and the golden rule

Design Preliminaries

  • Key early stage design considerations and assembly options

How to make a Routing Guide

  • Great for machining step and riser recesses in your string boards

Different Ways to Build Curved Stair Parts

  • Simplifying techniques normally out of reach for most woodworkers

How to Build a Curved Central Cut String

  • Our own 'horizontal laminates' technique for building curved strings

How to Build Curved Handrails

  • Traditional tangent handrailing meets modern 3D CAD (2 to 3 times faster than before)

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