Cabinet making software to transform your woodworking business

Tired of spending hours making adjustments to your cabinet designs for your clients with a CAD programme (or even worse, drawing it by hand)? That’s where Polyboard comes in. With our specialised parametric design software, all you do is install and start designing. It’s specially built for professionals to save time, money, and effort. Simple…

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Pro kitchen design program makes cabinet manufacture a breeze

Professional kitchen design

Designing a kitchen for your clients can traditionally be a long and costly process but with a professional kitchen design program you can save time, money, and effort. Here, we’ll show you why our software, Polyboard, is the best of its kind and which of the latest kitchen cabinet design trends are an absolute breeze…

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Kitchen Design Tool: Design and Build Stunning Kitchens

kitchen design tool

Kitchen design and manufacture may be your whole business or just a part of it. Kitchen projects can be complex and prone to error, so here’s a software package that allows you to design fast and reliably, output costs and render in 3D much faster than with a CAD package. You will save an enormous…

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Design and manufacture to corner the woodwork market

furniture software

Do you ever think…there’s got to be a better way? You’ve got the work coming in, perhaps too much to handle. You know you’re spending too long on each job but don’t have the time to find a better way. Hours designing, struggling to get accurate cut lists and plans, problems with assembly. Got a…

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Face frames and 3D accessories in Polyboard

If you’ve got a moment over the holiday period, why not check out what’s new in Polyboard. Today we’re announcing some great new features that we know a lot of you have been asking for. Looking forward to 2017, expect lots of improvements to our services and websites coming very soon. New! Polyboard 3D Accessories We are delighted to…

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How one Australian woodworker makes the most of his design software

jarrah sideboard designed with Polyboard

We’d like to introduce Peter Brown, a furniture builder from Australia. He has very kindly explained how he works with our woodworking design software Polyboard and OptiCut, for cutting optimisation. In particular he discusses how he recently put together a beautiful side board piece in Jarrah, a timber only found in the area where he…

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Polyboard 6 New Features

Polyboard 6

Polyboard 6 is the new version of Polyboard which will be officially releasing next month. This new version is an extension of version 5 and includes many new features, based on frequently requested functionality. All new features have been extensively tested in a live environment and are now ready for release. Here are just some…

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Woodworking design software case study

Investing in new woodworking design software can be a difficult decision for a business to make, especially for a smaller workshop. There is sometimes the view that woodwork design software is the preserve of the larger manufacturers, perhaps those who churn out high volume standard units. Smaller enterprises might are more focused on custom pieces,…

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Cabinet Cutlist Software: Design An Attic Cupboard In Under 10 Minutes Using Polyboard

cabinet cutlist software

One of the advantages of using specialised cabinet cutlist software to design and build a project is simply the raw speed you can get the project out. Although its easy to set up a model rectangular cabinet, when projects get complicated design can also get complicated and time consuming. The problem is often not only…

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Quickly Change All Materials in your Furniture Design with Sub-Methods

If you need to change the material of an element in a cabinet or other piece of furniture you can select each part and change it’s material. But if you want to change the material of a type of part, for instance all the shelves, then it’s far quicker to use a Manufacturing Method. We…

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